February Permaculture and Green Collar Job Agricultural Training and Entrepreneurship

Join Sizwe Herring on February 18th at 401 Trinity Lane from 10 AM to 5 PM for a comprehensive, permaculture fundamentals and design course! Join our community at the mystical and beautiful land of East Nashville including the 1,200 acre urban greenway at Shelby Park.

::::What we’ll teach in the course:::

  • Permaculture Fundamentals, History, Ethics & Principles
  • Integrated Animal Systems; Chickens, Rabbits, Worms, Bees and Goats
  • Composting , Bokashi (E.M.), Anaerobic Digestion & Soil Building
  • Edible Landscaping, Rain Gardens, Pollinator Gardens
  • Backyard Garden, Yarden and Yard Farms
  • Business Development and Job Creation

We will examine various Urban Permaculture business plans and travel to various EcoVillage and projects around Middle Tennessee including both Earth Advocates Research Farm and The Farm in Summertown, TN.

Invited Guest Presenters: Gyasi Kellum (Aquaponics), Karl Meyer (Volume based vegetable growing), Cliff Cockerham (Sierra Club), Lanny Smith (Arts), Beverly Watson (Business Development), Rowland Huddleston (Conflict Resolution/Mediation), Freddie Haddox (EcoSpirituality)

Class fees: There is a $650 certification course tuition, $140 discount for early registration (by Nov. 15th). Additionally, a $100 monthly stipend (6 months) PAID to students on the Green Collar Jobs trek.

Class Dates: Class schedule will begin in February 18th 2016, class times will be organic, based on the availability of students. The Permaculture Certification course is 72 hour of classroom (32) and field research and work (40).

About Our Professor:

sizetrafiWm. Sizwe Herring, Executive Director of EarthMatters Tennessee, a 25 year old non profit based in East Nashville, seeks to educate and inspire through our examples of landscape restoration and succession into abundance using permaculture ethics and principles. We’re offering a look into a future that can meet all the needs of humanity and other communities of life, by creating a cultivated farm/garden ecology. Herring is a certified permaculture designer and teacher with a lifelong fascination for ecology, food systems, composting and urban agriculture. He attended Tuskegee University and became a devotee of Dr. George W. Carver. His love for ecology began to merge with permaculture design. His discoveries led him to the EcoVillage Training Center at the Farm in Summertown, TN. In 1991 he founded EarthMatters Tennessee in Nashville, TN where he teaches regular “action based” green focused workshops, presentations, and business mentorship opportunities. Among his accomplishments Herring has taught several p/c classes, extensively travelled with a 4 year term on the Executive Board of the American Community Gardening Association and was honored with Rev. Bill Barnes as a Local Food Hero by Community Food Advocates, among others.

Contact Us: (615) 300.2941 or (615) 252.6953 // newearthmatters@gmail.com