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Tons of soil created, organics diverted, tons of food grown

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Global Warning – Earth Amplified ft.

Global Warning – Earth Amplified ft.

Starring Seasunz and J. Bless from Earth Amplified, feat. Stic.Man from Dead Prez After world leaders met in Rio to talk about sustainable development and the global green economy, we want to make sure there is continued pressure to discuss what a real green economy...

Hip Hop is Going Green – Green For all

Hip Hop is Going Green – Green For all

In case you haven't seen yet, this is the celebrity reel for Green For All. This video and the organization in particular, pluck a special string in our heart as we feel the collective gears begin to turn and the hearts and minds of the youth along with the streets of...

A Different Type of Education

A visit to Our School at Blair Grocery, which hopes to empower the youth of New Orleans through food and sustainability In the syrupy charm of New Orleans’s Garden District or the debauchery of the French Quarter, you might think the city has recovered from the trauma of Katrina, Streetcars are running, music is playing, and tourists have stumbled back with beads on. But in the poorest part of the city, which also happens to be the lowest part, it’s a different story. Nearly six years on, only 20 percent of pre-hurricane residents have returned to the Lower Ninth Ward. Citywide, the same percentage of residents had returned only four months after the storm. Christian Adams, 18, told me he has no idea what happened to most of his friends and former neighbors.

Green Jobs


About Green Jobs

Green Collar Jobs and Green For All Founded by Van Jones, born in Jackson, TN! Amazing leaders from all walks of life are building the inclusive green economy of the future. Green For All is proud to support the best and brightest problem-solvers across the country from emerging superstars to established icons of our movement. Green For All Fellows are on-the-ground leaders in the movement to create an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Our Executive Director is a proud Fellow, Class 5, with Green For All. Our College Ambassador program supports the leadership development of students on Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) campuses. Please check out the website and Green For All YouTube Channel for excellent music and educational videos.

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