Join us at our new office, December 16th for our year end reception!

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Nashville, TN. The team at EarthMatters Tennessee is celebrating 25 years of service to Nashville. The open house, friendraiser will take place on Friday, December 16th from 5 – 10 pm at the Indoor Growers World facility, 401 E.Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37207.

EarthMatters has been responsible for exponentially reducing Nashville’s solid waste by composting hundreds of thousands of bags of leaves, headed to a local landfill. The group also diverted hundreds of tons of excess food, coffee grounds and nitrogen rich fodder. In turn, EarthMatters has distributed 30,000 lbs. of finished compost, annually, for use in community gardens, tree plantings and beautification projects around the city.

Staff and volunteers have presented environmental educational classes at hundreds of schools, churches, centers and gardens over the years.

Founder and longtime director Sizwe Herring has relentlessly led this effort through several state government administrations, Mayors, public works directors and TN Department of Transportation leaders. Herring says they want to introduce the group to the the many new neighbors who have filled our streets and neighborhoods to the brim.

“We are looking for friends, supporters and people to invest in what we do and represent in Nashville and around the country”, says Herring, who has recently presented in New York at the Black Farmers and Urban Growers conference and the Professional Agricultural Workers Conference in Tuskegee, AL, his alma mater.

Stop by for a few minutes or a few hours. Come be part of the growing green movement in Nashville.