Groups Join Effort To Revitalize Buffalo Project

Nashville, TN. The team at EarthMatters has joined with the Dickerson Road Merchant’s Association, and others, in beautifying the lower Dickerson Rd. corridor. “Along with our councilman Scott Davis and area businesses we have begun plans to repaint and attend to the family of 8 Buffalo on Buffalo Island, these next few months” says Gyasi Kellam, board chair of EarthMatters Tennessee. “They are a symbolic representation of the longevity of a cultural icon such as the buffalo.” Dickerson Pike holds the historical esteem of being the first paved road in Nashville.

Young, vibrant artist Marlos E’van will join with land sculpture artist Sizwe Herring and create teams to care for and paint each of the Buffalo. “I have enjoyed seeing these symbols along Dickerson Pike and appreciate and honor the invitation to make history by sprucing them up” says E’van. Also consulting on the project is Courtney Adair Johnson, gallery manager at Tennessee State University. Herring has been the artist behind the several giant land sculptures over the years at the former George W. Carver Food Park in S. Nashville amongst other performing and visual art projects.

Also involved is the Nia House Montessori School located across from the Buffalo Island. Our children see the Buffalo daily and have a visual tool to see, feel, and touch these majestic animals” says Nia House Director Sonceria Radford.

FriendRaiser Planned for April 23rd at Charlie Bob’s Restaurant

Friends and supporters will gather at Charlie Bob’s Restaurant, 1330 Dickerson Pike, on Sunday, April 23rd for an evening of art, poetry, spoken word and live music. Doors will be open from 5 until 9 for this event. Special guests will grace the stage and a recognition of the Douglas family will take place. Charlie Bob’s will close at the end of April.

If you are interested in helping this community worthy project, both volunteers and contributions are being sought.

Contact EarthMatters at 615.252.6953 or through the website

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