Happy Earth &
Science Season 2017

The team at EarthMatters has been greening up and cleaning up Nashville since 1991.  Beginning with backyard compost demonstration sites and school/house of worship gardens, we evolved into a network of thousands of gardens and compost sites. We were blessed with a wonderful site in the Sunnyside neighborhood and created about 30, 000 lbs of finished, land sculpted,  compost annually… for 20 years. Our Leaf Lift has gone national with articles in Organic Gardening, EarthLight, the American Community Gardening Association and even on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Website.

We are at a time in Nashville that it takes a village to provide “unplugged hobbies” and outdoor experiences for both youth and families. Land grabs, unending towers of condos and “tall and skinnys”  and other challenging issues face our urban core on a regular basis. We have been there to defend what’s right and just with regard to food security, green collar jobs, history and eARTh. (See our history page at www.emtn.net).

Our guiding Patriarch is Dr. Geo. W. Carver of Tuskegee and the science we teach is permaculture.  We manage the Deford Bailey Tribute Rose Garden, Gateway 2 Heritage Green-Ups and Clean-Ups and two worship gardens at Metro. Interdenominational and Dixon UMC on Buchanan.   Your contribution will support these and our most recent endeavors which involve the painting of the buffalo on Buffalo Island on Dickerson Rd. and a fantastic office in the Indoor Grower’s World  complex on W. Trinity Lane.

Your generous donation toward our goal will replace the loss of grant funding directed at projects like ours. Can we count on your village and financial energy to maintain our basic budget through this September? If you can’t, we still love you and encourage you to be the eyes, ears and mouth for our Mother Planet aka EARTH.

Toward A Greener Urban Core, from the board and leadership at EarthMatters Tennessee – Gyasi Kellam, Valerie Cole-King, Rowland Huddleston, Farmer Freddie Haddox, Carlton Adkins and Sizwe Herring