Global Warning – Earth Amplified ft.

Starring Seasunz and J. Bless from Earth Amplified, feat. Stic.Man from Dead Prez

After world leaders met in Rio to talk about sustainable development and the global green economy, we want to make sure there is continued pressure to discuss what a real green economy looks like. “Global WarNing” exposes greenwashing by corporate polluters—and calls for an end to handouts for the fossil fuel industry. Want to help? Join the world’s largest twitter storm: Tweet #endfossilfuelsubsidies and go to… to find out more.
The Free Download of Earth Amplified Mixtape Vol 1 was mixed by DMC Bay Area Regional Champion, DJ Sol Rising, and features political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, from Dead Prez, Zumbi from Zion I, Wisdom, DJ Max Powa, Vandana Shiva, and Earth Amplified members, Travis De Leon Porter, Seneca Schachter, Ambessa Cantave, J.Bless, DJ Tuffist, and AshEL Seasunz.

Lyrics -Seasunz: where’s the bailout for this? swim out the metropolis cuz ice get melt like sun kissed icarus when lake chad is drier than bagdhad your numbers don’t add just the greenhouse gas appalachian coalminer fisherman from bangladesh uncle sam making bets write his name by the ex-xon valdeez probably asthma’s next little johnny got a funny knob in his neck so what the problem with that? you just a corporate exec who extract that oil from the backs of nigerians gimme that pass out techs like refs do to mavericks offset politrix copenhagen no debating need the reparations and while you waiting another 600 acres gone in the congo and amazon by the end of this song Chorus: On it, on it, we’re so on it Gotta be on it if we ain’t on it we’re a goner Who? Me, you, everyone and their mama It’s our world, so defending it with honor On it, on it, we’re so on it If you ain’t on it, this a warning Take a look at the world around Cuz the temperature is rising, the time is now Look… Look..Look.. Go green, Go solar, Go agriculture, fya burn Mac Donalds and Coca Cola All corporate vultures should burn in the toxic sulfur they emit for every dollar the get They exploit the culture And take resources control the media and censor the voice of the voiceless sitting back fat in they office they dont see people, just profits and losses the seed wanna grow, but its deep in darkness the hood gotta learn how to turn the garbage into healthy soil we could help the world, but we running out of time, like they running out oil Chorus… J.Bless: it’s hotter than july, right? feel the sunlight but it’s only april somethin don’t feel right and yeah it’s true we all live under the sun but what we doin got us all living under the gun cuz the science is real but the politics are dominant without action the outlook is ominous but on the nuts of the governments the lobbyists and they get dat dough to keep the stat quo freeze that cash flow and scorch the natural pale white horse coming directly at you took a whole lot of troops to topple a statue but just one katrina put a tree in your bathroom cuz we don’t live in a vacuum things you put out in the world will come back and get at you like a boomerang don’t care who threw it how you gon’ explain to a hurricane that you didn’t do it