“They thought they were killing us…they did not know that we were seeds”  – Mexican Proverb

EarthMatters suffered a devastating blow just before Earth Day 2011 when an all out attack by the TN Dept. of Transportation, was perpetrated on our 20 year old Community garden known as the George W. Carver Food Park and Compost “Sight”.

It was there, amongst the tons of compost grown and freely distributed, hundreds of bushels of veggies and herbs and fruits and berries from our fruit trees; where the children, teens and families that were enriched by their experience at the “sight” for almost exactly 20 years. Land sculptured earth works adorned the site, made entirely of leaves and organic discards. An Egyptian Ankh, Infinity Sign, Peace Sign, Yin Yang Sign and our final earthwork was that of a giant heart.

We taught the importance of interdependence, the principles of Kwanzaa and the ethics of permaculture. We taught that Dr. Carver of Tuskegee (AL) was a genius and his simple techniques, combined with the inspiration of the Creator, enabled him to turn peanuts and sweet potatoes into over 400 various products!


TDOT, and a few pesky “un”neighbors, thought they were ridding us, they only stimulated a stronger desire to seek understanding and urgency regarding food, energy, water and waste matters.

It is 2015 and we are now realizing the American concept of “sustainability” has failed. Our ability to sustain our homes, communities, cities, states and country has expired. We are embracing the permaculture principles of adaptation and resiliency. In pondering this anomaly we saw the words “seeds” in resiliency, and our ResilentSeeds Campaign was born.

Ever since 2002 when we distributed 10,000 packets of organic seeds in the Nashville Scene magazine, to hundreds of classes on seed saving, seed balls and seed banks, we have embraced the power of the seed!

Join us and add your fertilizer to the seeds of Nashville. Shovel a generous, deductible, contribution through PayPal, contribute an item towards our Wish List, or join us with you physical talents (and presence) at our gatherings.